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January 26, 2017

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Play a Lot Studios presents Astro Towers, their flagship mobile title! It's exclusively available on the iOS AppStore.

Astro Towers is a retro-inspired casual arcade game that aims to guide a team of space explorers up a never-ending series of platform towers while avoiding falling off the towers and a slew of monsters and aliens! Each characters' design to continuously move in both directly from right when you start playing, making the game quite challenging to master. Players also have several options for power-ups that range from invincibility shield, power jumps, lighting strike, time warp, and magnet boost!

The Story of Astro Towers

A team of Star Engineers from the planet Wallo was hard at work mining the Tadpole Galaxy for scraps when they happened upon an asteroid traveling so fast they were unable to escape it's powerful gravitational pull. The resulting collision critically damaged their ship and the crew were thrown off course, hurtling toward an unknown planet. The only information they could gather about this strange new planet was it's unusually high gravity, being over 100x more gravity than their home world and filled with creatures they've never encountered before. The asteroid had ruined their vessel. They had no choice but to make an emergency landing. Almost everything on the ship had shorted out, but they had enough functioning equipment to help them survive the crash landing. They'd survived the terrible ordeal, but alive and trapped on the surface of a strange new world they had a long road ahead of them, and their biggest challenge was about to begin


  • 8-bit retro style game.
  • Multiple Power-up options throughout the game
  • Over 20+ characters to choose
  • Multiple worlds
  • Game Center Support
  • Single Player campaign with a fantastic random level selection per gameplay
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Universal app optimized for iPhone, iPods and iPads
  • Intuitive one or two-touch controls
  • Nostalgic audiovisual gaming experience
  • More power-ups, characters, and levels coming soon


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